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Well, this is post is more of a formality than anything. I was sick last week so there’s really not much to update. I ran a 6.1 mile run on Monday and then the rest of the week went down the drain. I was sick for two days (Wednesday and Thursday) and Friday I was feeling much better but not 100%. I had to decide if I was going to attend my husband’s Family Day (weekend) with his unit or stay home and be completely out of my mind bored.

I took a chance and traveled two hours with my family Friday night. I brought a change of running clothes on the off chance I wanted to push myself with a run on the hotel treadmill. On Saturday, my son decided to wake up with the sunrise at 6:30. After breakfast, he requested that I help him put his socks and shoes on so we could explore. More specifically, he wanted to explore the stairwell. Apparently, my son’s idea of a good time is climbing 6 floors of stairs over and over. I obliged him because my husband had our vehicle and I was essentially a hostage to my son’s whims. Negotiations to stop and get some lunch were unsuccessful so between climbing stairs and watching the Disney channel I was going stir crazy and my energy was close to nothing. When the CO dismissed my husband and the rest of the Marines after a long day that included a PFT **(Physical Fitness Test)… that is a 3 mile run, sit-ups, and pull-ups… we were all incredibly hungry. We loaded up the truck and met another Marine and his wife for dinner at Fatz Cafe. They were incredibly impressed with our son’s behavior and to be honest so were we. I think he was happy to get out of the hotel and he does love an audience.

Back at the hotel we continued to converse with our friends until almost midnight. The kiddo didn’t mind as he had been having trouble settling down at night because he assumed we were there for the sole purpose of playing with him. He would regret that decision at 5:30 the next morning when we had to pack up and head to the Reserve Center for 7am formation. We waited around until 11 when we went to a park. Luckily this park had a playground. I’m fairly certain we could have convinced our son that this was Disney World… he was THAT excited. So for the next five hours we took turns following him around on the big kid playscape helping him climb ladders and giving him a gentle shove down slides with a short lunch break. Needless to say the two hour drive back was incredibly quiet because a certain someone fell asleep literally two minutes after we put him in his carseat.

So although I didn’t get a short run in to start rebuilding on my marathon training I did get a lot of exercise in one way or another. Sometimes just being active in any way is all you need to keep things going. Let’s hope my illness hasn’t completely destroyed my training. Can’t wait to lace up my shoes for a run today!

** My husband is in fairly good shape, however, he has been training to get his 3 mile run down to at least 21 minutes. When he’s been going on his marathon training runs he wears his military flak jacket (a vest that contains body armor for protection again bullets and other dangerous fragments in hostile territories). So running with some extra weight and more hilly terrain, he got his 3 mile run down to 22:35… just 1:25 away from his goal to be physically fit enough to attend Officer Candidate School (they have pretty high standards naturally).


Marathon training week one recap

My marathon training is not off to a good start. I ran on Monday and Wednesday. I was supposed to run for 30 minutes of Friday and then at least 5 miles on Sunday. Those last two training runs just did not happen. I wasn’t happy about it. Moving into a new place just took up too much time and energy. While I didn’t have to carry a lot of heavy items. I was the one that packed and unpacked the majority of our belongings which meant repeatedly bending at the waist. Needless to say my lower back really took a beating and I didn’t feel it was wise to run with a sore back. I do however consider it all a form of exercise at the very least. My cardio for the weekend consisted of many trips up and down stairs. If I’m ever in a pinch for a workout running up and down our staircase for 20 minutes might do the trick. It seems that whenever I’m downstairs I always need something that I left upstairs and vice versa. Murphy’s law seems out to get me lately.

Well, lesson learned. Do not start a marathon training the same week you move to a new place. There’s still some packing and unpacking to do while we’re transitioning fully from the old homestead. My training for week two will still be the same since will be 2 days of running for 30 minutes and 2 days of running for 45 with a core and shoulders/arms workout thrown in for good measure. I may throw an extra 45 minute run in there if I’m feeling guilty for skating on week one’s schedule.

Should I just forgive myself for not doing my intended miles or push myself a little extra this week to make up for lost time/miles?

The Struggle

Yesterday was like a dagger to my heart. As an American. As a runner. As a former resident of the Boston area.

Like many I am left with so many conflicting emotions. To sort through them even a day later is still a difficulty and it may continue to be one for a long time. I empathize with the runners who worked so hard to qualify and then were cheated… not only out of a race they deserved to run but out of an environment where they feel safe. How horrid for the spectators who were cheering on their loved ones or even complete strangers. So many victims.

My heart aches for my dear friends in Boston who are left to deal with the outcome of the events and their emotions. They will have to continue to walk the streets with uncertainty and fear. I wish I could ease their pain and sadness. But Boston as I know it will come together.

But mostly, I feel so confused. What was the point? I imagine the perpetrator watching the news with a distorted sense of smug satisfaction that this faceless figure accomplished… what exactly? Extinguished innocent lives. Devastated a nation. Caused thousands to fear for their safety. I’m so tired of selfish misguided individuals preying upon the vulnerability of others. I’m angry that this is the world we live in… That I have to raise my son in a generation where I have to find the words to merely attempt to explain why someone armed IEDs at a marathon, heartlessly massacred an elementary school, or viciously attacked a movie theater. I want so much to shield him from this, but perhaps I am luckier than most. My son is too young for this tragedy to leave a lasting scar on his innocence.

Yesterday was supposed to be a day of celebration and triumph. Now Patriot’s Day in Boston will never be the same.


We will fight. We will support. We will overcome.

And so tonight I will carry on with my marathon training. No one can take away my desire and love for running. I will run. I will endure. I WILL NOT BE AFRAID.

Editor’s note: Embarrassingly I forgot to mention something. I feel GRATITUDE. This is for all those who came to the aid of the wounded whether they were bystanders, police, medical workers, marathon volunteers. I am grateful that I can look upon communities forging bonds of resiliency and for being given the opportunity to share these words.

Registration Woes & Redemption

Once upon a time….

There was a young woman who felt incredibly compelled to register for a marathon. She had never ran a marathon… not even a half marathon… not even a  10k, but she had been running since the age of 11. Cross country… track & field… and just unofficially pounding the pavement in her free time. She knew that a marathon was a part of her journey. What better marathon to participate in than The People’s Marathon? This is what the Marine Corps calls their branch marathon because you do not need to have run a previous race to prove your projected finish time. Many people chose to do this race as their first marathon because of that. Additionally, they also support many charities participation. Plan B was definitely going to include running through a charity. Plan C was going to be my husband selflessly transferring his early registration to me. Now that’s love!

So today at noon registration opened. I assume, like many others, I was poised at my laptop ready to pounce on the registration link as soon as it was available. BOOM! Clicked it… entered my email and registration information on the form. fizzle….. my first error screen emerged on the screen and my heart sank. Active.com’s website was crashed because of all the excited would-be runners. Time: 12:02.


I sat at my computer for the next HOUR refreshing the pages. Sometimes I would get through to the same form where I had provided my information before. Other times, I received a variety of error messages and “please kindly wait as we process the influx of entrants more worthy.” I may be paraphrasing.

Site downErrorInflux

My desire to merely enter was put on hold at one point. That certainly gave me some warm and fuzzies.

On hold

I found myself becoming desperate. My heart was pounding and everything around me was frustrating me. My son asking for more moo (milk)…. I mean what kind of ridiculous request was this when he had just chugged his last cup a mere 10 minutes ago?…. or how my entire home was shaking in rhythm with someone’s too loud music outside. And then I took a deep breath… got my act together… and prayed.

“Please…. please… PLEAAAASSSSSE! I have never felt so much desire for something. All I want to do is run my first marathon with my husband.” My only hope was that God wanted this for me as well.

After the first hour of trying came and went I actually had the slightest bit of hope. Some people were reporting on Marine Corps Marathon’s facebook page that they had made it through and received confirmation. Others, were declaring that they had given up trying because they had to get back to work or pick up a child. This meant that the server was getting a break. I made it to the page where I had to enter my payment information. I clicked submit and held my breath.

“Don’t kick me out. Don’t kick me out. I really want to do this!” My son must think I’m nuts… for many reasons, but today because I was talking to myself.

And then at 1:11 THIS happened….


I imagine this is what it would feel like to purchase a baby unicorn. To obtain the once thought to be unobtainable. To be honest I was overcome with emotion. I had not considered the possibility of not getting registered. And as every minute that ticked by was every minute closer to it being sold out I fought the urge to give in to a heart attack. Last year, it sold out in 2 hours and 41 minutes. I felt helpless as I persistently and sometimes almost violently clicked the refresh button. When my confirmation came through I felt redemption. Like God was saying “I answered your prayer because I believe in you”. So I kissed my son on the forehead and apologized for letting my frustration show through… then we got some moo.

“A journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.” -Lao Tzu

We’ve all been there. That rough patch in our daily routines where you don’t do what you ought to. And the habit sticks around like a bad cold.

For the last week, I’ve been eating horribly. More sugar than normal. More processed foods than normal. The only reason I can think of is that I’ve been a bit more stressed out lately. We’ve been on the search for a new place to live (kind of important) and some other personal stuff. It seems to be piling up and I should be out using running as my therapy instead of stuffing my face and holding on to the frustration and anxiety. I’ve never been a “stress eater” before. I’ve always been more likely to do the opposite. Barely eat at all. That’s just as bad as eating a lot of cruddy foods. I haven’t gained a bunch of weight or anything but I definitely feel sluggish. At least I keep the portions low. That counts for something right? (I am completely aware that I’m kidding myself with that rationalization.) I’m such a sucker for cheese. And carbs. Last night, we ate London Broil (healthy) and broccoli (healthy) with  a little bit of cheese sauce (crud.) So close to having a totally healthy meal.

Let’s continue on with more evidence of my unhealthy eating. I very rarely eat breakfast. I’m just not hungry in the mornings. Generally, I eat two larger meals throughout the day. Not good.

The one bright spot of my eating is that I don’t drink a lot of calories. I usually have water throughout the day. But lately in my phase of non-healthiness I’ve been throwing back the occasional Yoohoo. Yep. It’s official. I’m a 29 year old with the eating habits of a 10 year old. It’s better that I change this now so that I can properly provide my body with the energy required for marathon training.

I continue to chug along with my revamped push-up challenge. I’m up to 55 push-ups today working towards 100 within the next 10 days. No injuries or even soreness right now and I feel like there is a difference. I feel stronger and I swear my biceps are slightly more defined. I’ll do a before and after reveal when I’m all done. It’s not as dramatic as the before and after of say a house or room, but just humor me.

With that, I ask any of my readers if they have any go-to healthy breakfast recipes. I have no allergies so pretty much anything is game. Except cauliflower, but that’s only because I can’t stand the taste. I’ve never tried beets and I hear those are really good for you. Perhaps a smoothie? I’ve never been much of a chef so be gentle. Help me be adventurous! I have a feeling I’m going to be spending much of my day on pinterest looking for recipes.

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