Here’s a list of races that I would love to participate in. While I may not race all of them (I’ll see how my first marathon goes before I commit myself to any others) these all sound like be a lot of fun. If you’re having fun, you’re more likely to finish at a decent time and ignore those little aches and pains along the way.


  • Marine Corps Marathon (Quanitico/DC area): for those who want to support the USMC and run with them too
  • Boston Marathon (Boston, MA): the marathon of marathons
  • Walt Disney World Marathon (Orlando, FL): for the kid in all of us
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (Las Vegas, NV): the ultimate marathon for those who love night running


  • Safari Park Half Marathon (San Diego, CA): Running through the San Diego Zoo away from the animals
  • Kiawah Island Half Marathon (Kiawah Island, SC): a great race through a marsh, trails, and the beach
  • Country Music Half Marathon (Nashville, TN): the music of 50 bands set the mood for a great pace


  • 5K Foam Fest (Various cities): Foam + Mud = Fun
  • 5K Color Run (Various cities): the most colorful race you’ll ever run
  • 5K Expedition Everest Challenge (Orlando, FL): nighttime scavenger hunt through Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Hot Chocolate 15K/5K (Various cities): your reward as a finisher is some hot cocoa and chocolate fondue treats

Has anyone participated in any of the races I’ve mentioned? How were they? Or maybe you’ve ran a couple that you’ve enjoyed and would recommend. Do tell! And don’t worry, I’m still running daily with a day off on Saturdays. Yesterday, I ran another 1.4M at a 7:45 pace. For the Marine Corps Marathon, I have to run the first 20 miles at no less than a 14:00 pace otherwise I don’t get to finish (the have to close a bridge in DC for the race but only for a certain amount of time! If you don’t make it to the bridge by noon, a van takes you to the finish line 😦 No pressure!)