I don’t like to go shopping. Crowds give me the serious willies. So often times when I’m buying new running gear (which, aside from running shoes, occurs few and far between) I prefer to buy online. I’d just rather not trudge through a store with a toddler who just wants to run around. If only treadmills were safe for two-year-olds. 🙂

New gearSo I bit the bullet recently and purchased some new running tights, loose cotton capris, long sleeve shirt, and two short sleeved shirts from Under Armour’s online outlet. I’ll do a post later when they get delivered next week to do a review and see if the quality is worth the money (we all know quality running gear costs a pretty penny). My total originally came to $141.95 which really isn’t all that bad for quality gear. But then I noticed that Under Armour offers a military discount ONLINE! That was unheard of until now because how do you prove you are in fact a member of the military community?

Enter: Troop ID. Veterans, Active duty, and military dependents can sign up with Troop ID by providing their affiliated branch and a form of verification (your .mil email address, military document upload, usaa account information, or DD214 upload). Then you can go to their partnered companies like UA and receive online discounts. As the wife of Marine I was pumped to discover this. So my new total with the military discount came to… $127.75. Score! This really makes me wish I had thought of the idea of how to verify military for online purchases. But now I wish they included first responders (EMTs, firefighters, and police officers) to receive discounts. I’m proud that we are a military family but I think other families should get the same gratitude for their sacrifices as well.

I’m passing along this information not because I’m trying to convince people to buy from Under Armour (personally I like their products, but to each their own), but because I think some people would be interested in getting a discount in a new way. This is the first time I’ve bought new running clothes in almost a decade. Yep, I’ve been sporting the same running tights with a hole in the knee since 2002. Tragic. Most of my running tees are too loose and shift around my body too much while I work out. So in with the new and the old workout shirts will find a place in my “use in case of painting or anything else messy” drawer. Anyone have any new running gear that they just love? The perfect pair of running shoes for long distances or an amazing tech shirt?