I increased my mileage to 2.6 miles last night… singing the whole way… blissfully ignorant of my surroundings. I even ran at 90% max the last 100-200m. I actually really enjoy running in the cold. Mostly because, if it’s cold enough, my legs and feet get pretty numb thanks to my almost non-existent blood circulation.  My plan right now is to just run until I get tired and then turn around. I’ll worry about improving my pace (which is downright abysmal right now) later. Slow and steady wins the marathon right?

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to start taping the arches of my feet to keep shin splints at bay. This worked for me during my college years when I got some insanely intense shin splints in both legs at the same time. I’m not quite sure my mode of transportation could even have been defined as hobbling or limping. During that week of recovery I mostly sought the kindness of strong friends willing to give piggyback rides. I guess my other option would have been wheelbarrow race-esque or fireman carry. Either way how would I have carried my books?!?!

I may give in to the hype and try KT tape. If you’ve never heard of it I’ll still bet that you’ve seen it used… unless of course you completely boycotted watching the Olympics last year. Remember that brightly colored tape on the shoulders of Kerri Walsh during the beach volleyball games or on Trey Hardee’s legs during the decathlon? Yep, that’s the stuff I’m referring to. The Olympics definitely got the ball rolling on this so-called miracle in injury prevention. It’s kinesiology tape from companies like SpiderTech, Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape, or Kinesio Tape. Will it work any better than regular good ol’ athletic tape? That remains to be seen but I’ll definitely let you know if when I use it. There are similar products out there but I’ll have to do a bit of research to find out which will benefit my needs the most.

Please note that I have no affiliations with SpiderTech, KT or Kinesio products and have not been approached to use their products for review. Although if they wanted to send me some freebies to use I wouldn’t be opposed to accepting their offer and writing an unbiased review. But in all seriousness has anyone out there already invested in these products who can give me an opinion? Try the magical properties of this tape or stick with traditional athletic tape? Seriously, I want to know!