I love free stuff! Who doesn’t? And thanks to the blizzard of ’13 that occurred in New England recently, I will soon be the proud owner of a used treadmill.

You look confused. Let me explain.

My mother and stepfather absolutely, positively do NOT want to spend another cold and soggy winter in New England. They’ve opted to move to a place with sunnier skies. I give them less than a year to miss the seasonal changes. On the plus side, they’ll be closer to me and my family and have year round tans. Win-win right?

So rather than haul all of their furniture and electronics and other household items, they’re having tag sales and ebay/craigslist adventures. Although, I’m sad that they’re getting rid of some fun “toys”, I was more than happy to offer to buy their treadmill from them. I’ve been scouring craigslist and clearance sections of sporting goods stores for a while now. I obviously want a treadmill that can hold up for longer training runs, but I don’t want to and really can’t afford to shell out big bucks for a gym quality machine. Thank goodness that they have taken pity on me and said we can have it for FREE! Yep, your eyes did not deceive you. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Of course, being that there’s a good 13 hours of driving between me and my new best friend, I have to figure out how and when I’m going to pick this heavy sucker up! Stay tuned on that development…

I’d love to pick it up sooner than later so that I can get in some runs if it’s late at night (I’m plagued by random bouts of insomnia), I can’t find a babysitter for an hour, or my husband is away for military training and I want to keep up with my marathon training. Basically, run just whenever I want to run without waiting on my husband to get home or even losing the motivation to get out there as the day goes on. Like most runners I know, training on a treadmill isn’t preferable, but now there is no excuse! Is it weird I’m excited to run on a treadmill?

In a fantasy perfect world and if I had a million dollars, I’d have an at home gym complete with the following:

  • free-weights, bars, and benches
  • Roman chair (this is for hyperextension back exercises mostly)
  • treadmill
  • spin bike
  • pull-up bar
  • ergometer (indoor rowing machine)
  • punching bag
  • cryotherapy tub (no joke! ice baths are awesome!)
  • sauna (hey, a girl can dream!)
  • a rock climbing wall (this actually seems pretty doable if you don’t mind a big DIY project)

I’m sure my husband would love to have his own shooting range (I wonder what kind of permits would be needed for that?). Like probably ever person who will read this, I definitely would much rather get outside to run/bike/row/etc. but sometimes the weather or life in general just does not want to cooperate with your personal preferences. As of this point, I have a pull-up bar and the treadmill. Hey, it’s a start! This would actually be my version of a Man Cave. The Workout Cave?!?!

So here’s a big and incredibly gracious THANK YOU to my mom and stepdad!!! You are both so generous!

What would be in your dream home gym? Maybe a virtual golf range? A batting cage? A smoothie bar? A military obstacle course? Dream big! It could happen one day!