In an effort to become more mindful of what I put into my body and how my body reacts I’ve implemented a few new things in my life.

  1. Keeping track of what I eat (less bored, anxious, sad, vengeful, spiteful, etc. aka emotional eating) by using
  2. Cutting out as much sugar as I can. It saddens me to give up Ben and Jerry’s but I think my body will thank me later when I don’t get diagnosed with diabetes in 10+ years.
  3. Actually drinking water. I have been historically bad at this. The best I ever did was when I was pregnant and it was beat into my water-deprived brain that tons of water will be better for me and my adorable spawn.
  4. Using a running coach to be marathon ready. I need someone to tell me how much to run and at what pace.

I figured Marathon Monday was as good as any day to start all these changes. I think the hardest thing to keep up with will be drinking enough water. helps keep track of water intake, weight, exercises, food intake, and body measurements. I love making lists and keeping track of things so it’s actually fun for me to document everything. It also has a free mobile app so I can keep track of what I eat when I eat out. I think keeping a food diary is useful to people trying to be more healthy because it keeps you honest. I’ve stopped myself from eating things because I didn’t want to have to document it. I didn’t really want that extra tablespoon of mayonnaise on my sandwich anyway.


I’ve found it surprisingly easy to limit my sugar intake since we’ve rid our pantry and refrigerator of all the blatantly sugary foods. But it’s the diabolically sneaky sugary foods you have to be careful of. A lot of food have sugar added… pasta sauces, soups, salad dressings, ketchup… I could go on or you could just double check the ingredients on the labels of every boxed/canned/jarred/bottled food item you own. I think you’d be surprised. I’ll let you know how I feel it’s affected my mood, energy, and weight. So far I’ve lost 2 lbs this week but my weight has insane fluctuations not only day to day but from morning to night. What is that? Water weight? God playing a trick? Mind games? I’m hoping I’ll see a big change in my sleep patterns too. I haven’t been sleeping well which leaves me feeling fatigued during workouts. No bueno. On the bright side it says I should be down 10 lbs about a month from now. Sounds like a good plan.

The running coach has been both a blessing and a curse. It keeps you on track for your running goals but because a lot of my running is on a treadmill, the workout gets boring quick. Anyone have pointers for making treadmill workouts fun not mind numbingly drab?

Have a fit day!