To non-runners, we sound like we’re on drugs when we talk about LSDs. Although they may have a point since a lot of people can’t imagine wanting to run for the pure enjoyment of it pushing through pain and fatigue mile after mile. Everyone wants mileage euphoria AKA runner’s high.

But LSD is a Long Slow Distance. I guess last week’s LSD should have been coined an LSSD: A long slow SOGGY distance. I had decided to do my 5 mile minimum run in the pouring rain. Luckily, there was no thunder or lightning and the temperature was still in the low 60’s. I’m convinced that my rain soaked clothes and shoes added at least 10 pounds of weight.

I had a hard time convincing myself to go for my run. I had avoided it all day because of the rain, but with daylight on its last legs I “just wanted to get it over with.” I through on my running tights and a short sleeve and long sleeve tee thinking that ought to cover it. I took one step out the door and decided a light jacket would help maintain some amount of warmth and dryness. Please keep in mind that this was just an ordinary fleece jacket with absolutely zero water resistance at all. In fact I checked the label and almost expected the material to say “Sponge”.

Almost immediately my shins began to hurt. It definitely wasn’t as bad as shin splints but I became concerned that this is where I was headed in my training. The rain wasn’t heavy but I was becoming adequately wet. Cue puddle number 1 out of a zillion. I ran a few hundred meters on a busy road with a minimal shoulder. If a car was in the lane closest to me I chose to run in the uneven ground being careful to avoid rolling ankles. Drivers have a hard time noticing runners enough as it is. Throw in some rain and darkness and I was living on the edge. Between miles 2 and 3 it began to downpour! Lucky me! On the bright side I worked through the pain in my shins and I was good to go. Around mile 2.5 an old pair of earphones bit the dust thanks to the water shorting out the right speaker. It probably wasn’t smart of me to run in the rain attempting to listen to music anyway. So I shoved the now useless earbuds in my pocket and began singing Marine Corps cadence to myself. I have to admit that I began to appreciate the rhythmic splashing my feet were making on the ground while keeping in time with the cadence.

My eyes were stinging as rain mixed with my sweat and poured down my face. Which of course made my eyes water. Because that’s all I needed to make this run perfect. I braved the same 300 meters of the car gauntlet back towards my neighborhood. A HUGE thank you to the car who sent the waterfall of water on me as you passed. How did you know that I needed a rinse?

The rain let up a bit for the final 2 miles. I ran down cul-de-sacs and looped around the same roads just to meet my goal of 5 miles. I hope the neighbors appreciated my impromptu rendition of “Singing in the Rain” at the end. You’re welcome. I wound up running 5.43 miles at a 12.23 pace. In the end, I was so soaked that I had to strip down on my front stoop behind the cover of a towel and wring out my gear (thankfully my ipod made it through unscathed). My neighbors may have gotten a short lived show as my husband handed me the smallest of our bath towels. I think he did it on purpose. 😉 Thank goodness for a drying rack that came with our dryer. I’m convinced its purpose is solely for drying running shoes.

Drying rack for the win!

All in all, I’m so grateful I sucked it up and ran. It really did feel refreshing to run through the puddles and actually enjoy the cruddy weather we’ve been having here lately. Although, I wouldn’t be disappointed if my next LSSD stood for Long Slow Sunny Distance.