This week was full of varying degrees of exercise. From intense cleaning sessions to packing up our belongings to a few decent runs.

I ran three miles in the beginning of the week. I chose to run in the evenings mostly because my body is loose enough to complete my run with good form. If my body is tense and tight from sleeping I end up expending too much energy in my arms and shoulders. When running longer distances you want to keep form without overly contracting your muscles in your shoulders, back, and arms. You want all that energy to go to your legs.

On Wednesday, I wanted to celebrate my miraculous entry into the Marine Corps Marathon and my husband’s conclusion of bachelor degree classes with a great 3 mi run wearing my “Proud Wife of a U.S. Marine” tee-shirt. You have to represent! I was completely giddy after gaining entry into the Marathon that I just let my legs move as fast as they wanted to. Here I am post-run including my sweaty underarms. Not cute. Genuinely happy, but not cute.

MCM celebration run

On Friday we had a guest arrive for the holiday weekend. Clearly this was the day that I decided that our place had to be spotless. He’s a Marine so I thought he’d have high standards. Lucky for us, he’s known my husband longer than I and he’s very forgiving of chaos. So a few loads of laundry and dishwasher cycles later I felt like I had run a mile at least.

Saturday was a short 1.5 tempo run that I chose to run in the morning. It was chilly out so I didn’t mind the short bursts of faster running. I’m hoping to run the marathon at 4 hours or less which means I need to keep a 9:00 pace. I’m hoping all my training effort will get me to a 7:30 pace but my goal is to finish sub 04:00:00 especially if I have my husband pushing me along the way. Really, just crossing the finish line is respectable for a first marathon in my opinion.

In two weeks I start my training and I’ll start posting what my plan calls for at the beginning of the week and what I actually accomplished by the end. Having the blog really helps keep me accountable. As with every plan, the key is to follow it the best you can but to adapt and be flexible when something comes up and you can’t have the type of exercise you originally anticipated.

Good luck to all my fellow marathoners whether you’re training for your first or 50th.

“Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate”