Great stretch for quads!

Great stretch for quads!

“S” is for stretch. I definitely concentrated on stretching this week to avoid injuries at all costs. I was in the final stretch (no pun intended… well, maybe a little pun intended; a punlet if you will) of my push-up challenge and I decided that the warmer weather was calling for longer runs. At this point 3 miles actually is a longer run for me. That will drastically change once I start my marathon training in a couple weeks. I hope everyone wanting to sign on to run “The People’s Marathon” get in. It’s a shame they can’t make it a two day event to make room for all the people who want to participate. But I totally get why it’s limited to one day since marathon routes tend to mess with traffic. D.C. has enough problems with traffic as it is. But here’s how my past week went. Enjoy.

Sunday: 3 mi 40 min; 75 push-ups

Monday: 80 push-ups

Tuesday: 3 mi 31 min; 85 push-ups

Wednesday: 90 push-ups

Thursday: 95 push-ups

Friday: 100 push-ups; 30 minutes of yoga

Saturday: Rest


I wasn’t pushing myself by any means on my runs (as indicated by my times). That Sunday run was rough. I was a beautiful day out in the 70s but my energy was nil. Nothing hurt. I wasn’t out of breath. I was just running on empty. Maybe I was dehydrated or I waited too long after I ate to go for this run. I’m just glad that I made it from point A back to point A. It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t even sweating or out of breath by the time I finished.

After some encouragement from some family and friends, I hit the pavement on Tuesday to do the same 3 mile loop. It was significantly cooler but that was fine because it was perfect for running. I read somewhere that your body warms on average of 20 degrees while running. Meaning that if the air is 55 degrees you’ll feel like it’s 75 degrees which feel pretty darn comfortable. As you can see I ran significantly better, but still nowhere racing pace. I’m definitely not thinking about speed right now. My goals are pretty simple. Run for as long as I can at a comfortable speed without throwing up. In all honesty, I stopped to walk a couple times. I’m not even really sure WHY I stopped to walk. No pain anywhere. My lungs burned ever so slightly but it wasn’t crippling. At this point I think it’s a mind game. I’m now in the position where I have to force my body to trick my mind into believing I can push further than it thinks I should. Overall, I was content with the outcome, but I’m definitely capable of more.

I probably should have run more but my husband was being occupied by the Marine Corps this weekend. I have not yet obtained a treadmill and my son is no longer at a stage where he wants to be in a stroller. So I get two days off from running. I certainly picked a crazy time to start my marathon training.

This week was also the end of my push-up challenge. I made it up to 100 push-ups. I actually liked doing it everyday so I’m sure I will continue to throw some push-ups in everyday. Read about what I learned from my challenge here.