Not literally. That would be unhygienic.

But, I do need your help. Today my left earbud of my Sony earphones lost its will to produce sound. And while I took the appropriate 1 minute of quiet cursing to morn my loss, I was hoping to gain some input from my readers.

What earbuds do you have healthy amount of love for? If I have to spend some decent money to get a quality pair of earbuds I will because sometimes it’s just the music that gets me through a pitiful run. Luckily, I have a bunch of leftover Apple earphones left over from various products. They’re not the most comfortable things in the world but they still work so I’ll deal with them short term. Keep in mind these are the older model ones not the new shape that apparently fits your earhole better. Earhole. That’s the technical term.

So let’s hear it. I’m all ears. *insert snort laugh here*