First off, I revealed that I was a bit stressed out finding a place to live. Our current lease is up in the beginning of May and I was beginning to feel the pressure of securing a new roof over our heads. At one point I was so frustrated that I was ready to concede defeat and set up camp in the woods. While that would have been a fun adventure for a while and perhaps I would find the inner frontier woman in me, I’m quite sure I would have cursed the heavens after the first rain storm. On the other hand, it would have been an excellent opportunity to teach a two year old about wilderness survival. (*Let’s be real. A two year old would just chase squirrels all day.)

So after months of scouring internet resources, stalking driving by rental listings, and even randomly dropping in to real estate agencies we finally had narrowed our choices down to three properties. We knew rental properties in our area (a big city suburb) were hard to find and if you were lucky to find something you had to work fast because they didn’t stay vacant for long. We wanted a three bedroom home (house, townhome, condo, duplex, whatever) that was in a safe area with neighbors close by (I get a little paranoid when I’m home alone and debate hiding under the bed a la Kevin McCallister) where my toddler could run and jump to his tiny heart’s content, and wasn’t a horrible commute for my husband.

Bingo bango. It took us one night to discuss the pros and cons of the property and after calling some people to get their input, we brought in our application the following day. Two days later we got the welcomed call that we were approved so we’ll sign the lease today and drop it off and a big stack of cash off tomorrow. Maybe now I won’t feel like chowing down on sugary confections anymore (Really, I blame the Girl Scout Cookie season. Damn those delectable treats!)

Now to get to the cross training. I decided to do some lower body training today with my bff kettlebell. He’s a hefty lad at 15lbs and I call him Carl. I thought today would be a good day to do a pyramid workout. A pyramid workout is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout completed as follows: My pyramid will be up to 10. Start by doing one rep of each exercise. Then 2. Then 3. So on and so forth up to ten. Then reverse the amount of reps going back to 9. Then 8. So on and so forth back down to 1 rep. These should be done consecutively with no breaks in between or an extremely short break if you’re a beginner. A way to gauge your improvements is to time the whole workout. The faster you completed it the better. This is an extremely watered down version of something similar to increasingly popular Crossfit. But hey if you have the access to bigger weights and barbells, go for it. If you want a bigger burn do a bigger pyramid. Or do a push-up when you get to the plank position of your burpee. Be creative!

I randomly picked five lower body exercises.

  1. Standard squats (w/ Carl)
  2. Side squats: (each side is one rep) (w/ Carl)
  3. Walking lunges: (each leg is one rep) (w/ Carl)
  4. Burpees: Start standing. Drop down to a squat position placing your hands on the floor. Push your feet behind you so you are in a standard plank position. Pop back up to a squat then stand back up. This is one rep.
  5. Mountain climbers: Start in standard plank position. Bring one knee up to your chest. Bring back down and repeat with other leg. Do this very quickly for maximum results.  (Do this 10 times for one rep.)

Getting it done.