Ugh… I feel like such a failure. I had to take the weekend off from continuing with my push-up challenge. Perhaps I had set my goals too high because on day 4 of my challenge I could only complete 30 push-ups. Why? I strained my lower abdominal muscles. Every push-up was excruciating torture. The previous day I tried to work through the pain thinking it was merely muscle soreness. But day 4 put the final nail in the coffin. I wallowed in self-pity and took the weekend to heal. But I’m not going to let it stop me from building my upper body strength up.

So what to do? Start over! Except this time I’m going to be a bit smarter about it. Start at 20 push-ups and add 5 each day until I reach 100! I’m also going to do extra core work so that I can avoid injury this time around. It may seem like I’m working backwards but I want to avoid injury at all costs. Really, I should have seen this coming. You don’t just go out and decide to run 10 miles for two weeks without having built up your endurance, right?

Know the difference between soreness and pain. Lesson learned.

I appreciate everyone’s support with my daunting task. Injury is always lurking around the corner but the sooner you recognize it and take the time to heal the sooner you can get back into routines. Denial can be dangerous when it comes to injury. Listen to your body!