I’ve decided to give daily short updates as I go through my challenge. Lucky you.

In short, I did it. I tackled 100 push-ups yesterday. I started of slow (wary?) and did 10 reps per set spaced throughout the day, but towards the end of the day I really got motivated. I did 3 sets of 20 and then a final 10 to finish out the night. I made sure I had proper form so I was going pretty slow. My pectorals are paying for it this morning. No amount of stretching was going to relieve me from this aching in my armpits. I’m sure it would be a lot worse and some aching is to be expected.

I’m not going to lie; The thought of doing 100 more push-ups doesn’t exactly have me jumping for joy (at least not with my arms above my head). I realize that the next few days may be miserable and that I may struggle to even lift a pillow, but I have a gut feeling that I’ll start to feel stronger and it’ll get easier. Except those divebombers. While fun to watch, it’s not so much fun to do. Perhaps I’ll do a short video when the time comes to give y’all a good laugh.

Next up for today: Single leg push-ups! (Oh Goody!!!!)

Down. Up. Down. Up. Down………..