I have to admit something that I am not proud of. I am upper bodily strength challenged. I can open a tightly closed jar. I can pick up my 30 lb. butterball of a son. But that’s pretty much where my feats of pathetic strength ceases. Of course this wasn’t always the case. I have vague college memories of being able to do a circuit of different push-ups from dive bombers to military style (chest to floor) to clapping push-ups with great ease. Rep after rep after rep. I was kind of a badass by my own definition. Of course, I refuse to go through this life having peaked in college.

So I’m going to challenge myself this next week starting today. I’m going to do 100 push-ups a day for 14 days. Will it take me all day? Yeah, it probably will for the first few days (The thought of 5 sets of 20 reps interspersed throughout the day doesn’t make me want to cry at this point). But I’m hoping by the end of this personal project I can do 100 within 30 minutes. That would be a big deal for me. I promise to give you a daily update. So let’s do a quick before shot of my bicep. Please ignore the lunch lady-ness of my tricep.

Before Push-up Challenge

Yikes. That’s a blow to the good ol’ self-esteem. On a side note: I need to get more sun.

The Rules:

  1. Each push-up has proper form or it doesn’t count (That will be important as the number of reps climbs higher. Exhaustion tends to wreak havoc on your form.)
  2. You can do whatever kind of push-up you want. Personally I’m going to do a different kind each day. (You may be asking yourself “Are there that many types of push-ups?” I can honestly say “yes” thanks to the devil’s workout aka P90X.)
  3. Stretch your shoulders and back really well before and after any sets. Stretching is your best friend in any physical activity.

Anyone have any personal challenges that they’d like to complete and follow along this self-improvement journey? Maybe crunches are more of your jam… pull ups? Yoga poses (maybe one rep is holding the pose for one minute)? Anyone actually want to do The Push-up Challenge with me? Add your own variations and check back in to let me know how you’re doing! Get ready for some bragging rights in T-14 days. It was nice knowing you Good luck everyone!