Sorry for being MIA lately. I’ve been researching races to register for and fighting off one heck of a cold.

I’ve tested out some of my new UnderArmour gear that I talked about in this post. I bought each item in the discounted outlet section of their website, but they came with tags stating the original prices. This just reiterated what a great deal I really snagged. If I bought the leggings, loose capris, long sleeve, and two short sleeve shirts at their non-outlet prices I would have paid $189.99… this means I saved $62.20! This just goes to show you that if you’re patient you can find items that you love at a discounted price when they eventually move on to the clearance or outlet section of stores or websites. It may not be in the color you really wanted but that can be easily overlooked that when you see those extra dollars in your bank account.

Fit is really important when it comes to workout/running gear. A lot of it is personal preference. I personally like more fitted clothing that sits close to my skin. At the same time you don’t want to restrict circulation to areas of your body. You want to be comfortable when running, lifting weights, rocking that downward dog yoga pose, etc. No one wants to be distracted by a shirt that’s riding up your torso or a never-ending wedgie. If you’re purchasing a brand for the first time I highly recommend trying it on in person before purchasing or making sure they have a decent return policy when purchasing online. Always. ALWAYS. Try. Running. Shoes. On. In. Person. I cannot stress this enough. A good pair of running shoes can cost north of $100 which means you’re making an investment. An ill fitting shoe can actually CAUSE injuries. Most people love New Balance shoes but I can’t wear them. The toe box of their shoes is rather square and didn’t make room for my abnormally long second toe (index toe?) and caused the nail to lift resulting in losing said nail not once. not twice. but thrice! Luckily for me it grew back each time, but it took me a while to realize that it was due to my shoes and needing to ease up on my hill workouts. Lesson learned.

With my tips to finding great gear out of the way, we’ll move on to my review. You should know that I am 5’5″ with average proportions at 125lbs. (Holy smokes! Did I really just admit my weight on a public blog?!) I’m divulging this information only to let others get an idea of fit for sizing purposes.

I was able to test out the Cold Gear Fitted Leggings and UA Charm Long-sleeve Shirt on an evening run last week. It was about 8pm and a blustery temperature in the high 40s. Not bad for mid winter, but I definitely learned that the UA Charm Long-sleeve was meant for indoor use (ie. yoga). Not all long-sleeved shirts are created equal.

UA Charmed Long-sleeved Shirt

  • Size: Small
  • Color: Zone (deep purple)

Pros: Great fitted long-sleeved shirt that is great for layering. Color matched online photo. Incredibly comfortable with no chaffing or riding up.

Cons: Definitely not appropriate for extreme cold temperature workouts. Adequate for mild to warm weather or indoor workouts.

Overall: I would definitely recommend this shirt to others. At $32.29, it is a great layering shirt that will get a lot of use and pay for itself many times over. In fact, I may get another one in a different color. The shirt’s length hits at the hips and a thumb hole helps keep your hands a bit warmer without resorting to gloves.

Coldgear Fitted Leggins

  • Size: Small
  • Color: Carbon Heather (medium grey)

Pros: Tight fitting without being constricting. Able to keep in body heat and wick away sweat. Size held true to their size chart.

Cons: No pockets. I wish these leggings had a small pocket to keep a key, iPod, or endurance gel.

Overall impression: I would recommend these tights for cold weather training. $33.29 is a great price for leggings. Other brands can cost more than $100. These had the same function of being light and maintaining body heat without the hefty price tag. I think it’s safe to say my old pair of tights will be used for muddy obstacle course runs.

Note: I have no affiliation with Under Armour. Although, I wish I did.