Well, part one of “operation: run our first marathon” is underway. Today was the first day available to Active Duty and Reservist military members to register for the Marine Corps Marathon. My husband is otherwise occupied at his drill weekend so I took it upon myself to sign him up for early registration. I wasn’t concerned that he wouldn’t be able to get registered, but I was just really excited. Registration opened at 12pm EST and I completed it on his behalf by 12:09PM. He is still on the fence about whether he wants to run it this year but he was the option to defer until next year or even transfer it. In all honesty I hope it lights a fire under him to run more often. A recent visit to his Officer Selection Officer reminded us that he needs to get his 3 mile time down to be successful at Officer Candidate School.

Now this early registration does not extend to family of Active Duty or Reservists, so I have to patiently wait until the end of March to register. Last year, registration filled up in about two hours! I’ve heard that some people are taking the day off from work just so they can be available to register. If anyone is reading this and interested in running, but worried that you’ll miss out on registering, have no fear! There are other opportunities to register. You can run with a charity (Team Fisher House will most likely be participating as a charity again) and raise money to help others, or even let others know that you’d like to purchase a transfer from someone who realizes they can’t run for whatever reason. I highly suggest utilizing the Marine Corps Marathon Official Page on Facebook to get information, ask questions, or even make new friends.

I think that I will try to raise money towards the Wounded Warrior Project without being affiliated directly with the charity for the marathon. This is an organization I am happy to support and have volunteered for in the past, but I’m hoping we as a family will never need to use their services. Besides, helping others is just good juju.

If you have any advice for a first time marathoner I’d love to hear it! Especially if you’ve run the Marine Corps Marathon! Happy Running đŸ™‚