Hip Flexor Knee Drives….

I really believe in using weight lifting to improve running performance. You just have to remember to concentrate on form and really being explosive in your movements. Especially with this exercise. Almost every gym has a cable-pulley weight machine. Unless your gym is in your home and you use milk jugs filled with sand as your barbells. Totally commendable by the way. A way to do if all your training is done in your home would be to use resistance bands tied low on a sturdy structure (maybe slide a knotted end under a closed door and then attached around your ankle somehow. I’ll work on the DIY version of this exercise and get back to you when I have some credible options for you.)

Exhibit A.

home gym  copy

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To do a hip flexor workout, all you need to do is attach the ankle harness (1) to the lower pulley station (2). You’ll want to adjust the weight so that the weight isn’t impossible to lift, but you want to feel a fair amount of resistance. Put the ankle harness around your ankle (duh) and face away from the machine. Drive your knee up as high as you can resulting in this.

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Three sets of 10-12 repetitions on each leg should get the job done for the ladies. Men will want to add a bit more weight and complete 2 sets of 8-10 reps.

Please note I am not a sports trainer and you should always check with your certified doctor or trainer if you have any questions especially if you have previous injuries. These are exercises that were recommended by previous running coaches and I’m passing them on to you to spice up your routine. Happy cross training everyone!