So I had my first run last night. To say I’m easing into this would be putting it lightly. I only ran a 1.4 miles. I didn’t even time myself. I’m not really going for personal records at this point so why not just go out on a fun run to acclimate my lungs to cold-weather running (It was maybe low 40s to high 30s last night).

In the past, my lungs feel like imploding when exposed to cardio work in frigid weather . And I usually develop a cough mid-run or immediately upon returning home. But I did a little experiment, the first half-mile I just ran at maybe 60% effort, listening to my ipod. I took this chance to catch my breath, stretch a bit, and resist the involuntary reaction to hack up a lung. On the half-mile back home I decided to sing along to the songs. Being that I was running at 9pm, I wasn’t too concerned about running across other pedestrians who could hear me. I felt really good the whole mile. It controlled my breathing in a way and there was nary a hacked up lung to be seen. So this is why the military “sing” cadence during runs! Perhaps I’ll download some G-rated military cadences to help me on my runs. *Do those even exist?* My husband taught me one during a run two years ago but it’s definitely not one I’d teach my toddler. It’s about a little birdie 😉

I challenge any runners out there to try singing to control their breathing. Let me know if you think it helped or did it just take away from your energy. I think just about everyone has heard that you should be able to carry on a conversation to gauge a good long distance run pace. I guess I’d rather be singing to myself on a run than have a conversation with myself!

What do you do to keep your breathing slow and steady? Are you a mouth or nose breather when it comes to running? Do you run while listening to music or maybe an audiobook or do you like to take in the sounds of nature or road noise?